Do you remember when you created art when nobody was watching? Yea, it was a long time ago - maybe  like, kindergarten. You had some crayons, paper, a glue stick, and if you were lucky, some paint, and you made fridge-worthy ART—uninhibited, imaginative, inspired. 

You grew up and became all fancy and serious, so those days are long gone….Or ARE they? ArtSocial, Grand Rapids is bringing back the essence of this feel-good fun—and this time, milk and cookies are so kindergarten.

ArtSocial is a fun, relaxed way to spend an evening with friends, expressing your self creatively.   It is about the process, just like it was way back in kindergarten. So, please join us for some fun.
Just follow the three easy steps below to get started. Call a few friends and start with Step 1.  Select an art session from our calender and reserve your spot. Then just complete Step 2 and we will help you remember Step 3 with auto e-mail reminders going out to your registration e-mail.

Decide              Register             Show Up! Enjoy    

Painting is just a series of steps done in a way that creates something fun to hang on your wall. - Come give us a try. You'll have fun.